Friday, April 22, 2011

Matt Becomes a Zone Leader in Clonsilla (Dublin) Ireland - April 2011

Matt has been moved from Tralee where he had great success.  He is now serving with Elder Stewart from Logan Utah and they are Zone Leaders together.

Serious flat cleaning before a move to Dublin in April 2011

Elders & Sisters Hike to the top of Pratt's Hill - March 2011

Baptism of Felix in Tralee Ireland - March 2011

Matt's Areas and Companions

Matt started in Inverness Scotland where he spent about 5 months.  He served there with Elder Warby (his trainer) and Elder Bland.  He was there from May to September 2010

Next Matt was sent to Motherwell Scotland where he spent his next 4 months.  He served with Elder Barney the whole time and served as a District Leader.  He served in Motherwell from September to December 2010.

In December 2010, Matt moved to Tralee in Ireland.  He continued as a District Leader and served with Elder Dudley until he became a Trainer in February of 2011.  He had the opportunity to train Elder Heidler from February 2011 to April 2011.

He then moved to Dublin Ireland as a Zone Leader and his companion is Elder Stewart.  Matt has been in Dublin since mid-April 2011.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Matt was blessed with some great success in his first area.  With a focus on activating less-active members - they found many non-members to teach and baptize.
Matt is practicing his preaching in a kilt.  What do you wear under one of those?